FIE Composer 2 for iPad and Android Released

I’m elated to announce the release of FIE Composer 2.

Composer 2 is a free upgrade for iPad users.  Also, we’ve now released Composer for Android Tablets too.

You can find Composer in Apple’s App Store or the Google’s Play Store.

Android app on Google Play


Composer 2 has been in development for about a year.  The changes under the hood have been dramatic.  The look and feel of the app has changed just as dramatically.  Yet, we’ve been able to keep the same file-format and migrate user data seamlessly from earlier versions.  Also, we’ve kept the user-interface allegories of “manipulations” and “touch handles” intact.

Composer 2 Screenshots

What I think we’ve accomplished with version 2 is an upgrade from a useful but simple app, to a budding platform.  All while keeping your old data intact and adding useful user features.

From here, we’re looking to do a few different things in parallel.

First, we’re going to crush any nasty bugs you find.  Please send any bug reports in to

Second, we’re going to finish up some last second fixes to a desktop version of Composer and release it.  The desktop version will be released for free at a future date.

Third, we’re going to begin work on Composer 2.1, which will focus on new and expanded features.  It took way to long to get 2.x out.  We know there’s a lot of simple features that can be implemented quickly now that the platform has been revamped.  We want to make those kinds of frequent feature updates a regular part of the Composer user experience.

Fourth, we’re going to begin work on some crazy R&D features and ideas for the future of Composer.

It feels great to release a polished and heavily tested major revision to Composer.  I am looking forward to taking it forward with you all.