Adobe Contribute

I’m giving Adobe Contribute a go.  I’ve been usiing it in concert with Dreamweaver, to manage some of my utility websites.  Thought I’d see how it manages this blog.  I’m very much liking it actually.  From a workflow persepective, it makes a lot of sense. Your writing staff can focus on writing.  Your web developers can focus on web developing.

We’ll see how it goes in the long run.

bash tab complete

random note on something that was hard to figure out:

bash tab complete using:

complete -C [commandtorun] [commandtocomplete] 

it will run the "commandtorun" command with three arguments.

  1. commandtocomplete
  2. the incomplete arg token at the prompt or "" for an empty token
  3. the arg token just before the incomplete token… which may be commandtocomplete if there are no intermediate args. 

Had to write an exe to write out the incoming args to a text file to figure this out.  the docs are a bit thin on the matter.