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FIE Composer has been discontinued as a commercial product.

If you have it and it continues to work on your device, great.  We’re happy to have provided it.  However, it will not be updated in the future and is expected to eventually fall out of functionality as platforms evolve.

The information below is maintained for reference and documentation purposes.

Composer may make a return at a later date, in a very different form.

If anyone has interest in composer and its technology for proprietary, industrial or commercial purposes, feel free to contact us about it.

Storyboarding and previs tool for use by filmmakers. Virtual Camera included!



  • Virtual camera.
  • Intuitive posable human figure.
  • Capture images to your gallery for over-paint and detailing.
  • Extensive video tutorials accessible from the help menu.

Composer is a hybrid storyboarding and pre-visualization aid for use by filmmakers and artists. Composer focuses on the essentials filmmaking:

staging, blocking, camera-angle, sequence, lighting-direction.

Pose your characters however you need, by pulling handles around intuitively in screen space.

Place blocking cubes about the space by dragging them around, to rough out spaces. Type in accurate dimensions when needed.

Easily place your camera in space. Check your angles. Move it. Change the lens. Move it again. Move the actor. Shoot shoot shoot without having to get out a tripod. Keep at it until you find your shots.

Composer’s built-in virtual camera system allows you to hold your device like a camera and frame up your shots. Just pan and tilt the device naturally. note: devices with gyroscopes perform much better in this mode. Devices will use the accelerometer and compass to run the virtual camera if there is no gyro. Devices without the minimum sensor package will not be able to run the Virtual Camera feature.

Or alternatively, use the touch interface to pan tilt and roll the camera to your liking.

Finally, you can capture the image to your photo-library for exporting, draw-overs, or archiving. Composer will do a simple text burn-in based on your asset naming and camera focal-length. Or, you can override it and burn in whatever you like to keep track of your images and versions.

Composer focuses on workflow and simplicity while maintaining the utmost in technical accuracy. It’s shot planning for real filmmaking.

Composer includes a database driven project and asset management system to keep you organized. It keeps a version history of your assets so you can look at past versions. It enforces best-of-breed asset management practices such as numbering and naming conventions. It does its best to get you working in an organized manner from the start, so you don’t start going down messy paths.

Composer has been designed and implemented by an experienced hollywood Visual Effects and Previsualization Supervisor. It was originally designed to be used on his own projects. It was functional and useful before it was released to the public.

Composer’s presets and shortcuts are designed for proper filmmaking.

Real film-backs such as Academy, Super35, APS-C, MFT.

Real accurate lenses by the mm.

Real cinema aspect ratios.

All of these settings can be customized as well. You are not limited to the presets.

If you are a starboard artist, Composer allows you to draw characters and set-pieces into a real camera perspective. You’ll be able to tell the production team what lens you drew and where the camera is, with very good accuracy. This kind of accuracy was previously only truly accomplished by formal Previs done by expensive contract vendors. Showing a top-down view of your setup with your camera position is as easy as loading up your scene.

If you are a filmmaker, you can take control. You can pre-plan and pre-shoot your sequences. You can provide your crew a real blue-print of your shots with accurate measurements and numbers.

If you are an artist, you can replace the classic wooden dummy with Composer and also get the benefit of visualizing perspective with a very flexible camera.

All of this can be done with a tablet on a train, on a plane, at your desk, or wherever. Capture that spare time. Unchain yourself from the desk. Being creative and accurate don’t need to be exclusive of one another. They don’t need to be unwieldy.

Tutorial Videos

A set of tutorial videos is available from the help menu.  But feel free to watch them before purchase.  These videos try to accomplish three things.

  • Teach you how to use the features.
  • Teach you good workflow and technique.
  • Give you concrete understanding of how composer can be useful for production work.


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