Duck Dodgers Quick Sculpt

Another quick concept sculpt here.

This one took about a day total to sculpt, split amongst a few evenings.

As the subtitle suggests, I liked the idea of a parody of a parody of a nearly obscure property. Sort of a perverse inverted nested doll of the fair-use doctrine as it were.

I feel Buck Rogers has fallen to such obscurity that for many, they are more likely to know of Duck Dodgers, than poor old Buck. I wanted to highlight that absurdity by mixing a lot of Buck’s ridiculous 70s tropes back in while primarily parodying Duck Dodgers. It came down to a very ‘handsome’ duck.

I’d like to believe this is what Daffy thinks he looks like when he’s playing the role.

The print was an opportunity to push my relatively new PRUSA MK3s with its MMU2s further than I had prior.

This is printed with 5 different colors of PLA plastic at the same time. The support structures were PLA as well and came off easily enough.

I thought I was pushing my luck, trying to get this to print. I was happily surprised to see the printer handle it without much issue.

I’m happy with the mixture of rough quality and speed inherent in the sculpt. It’s at a quality that ideas are clear, but it’s able to be done fast enough, to keep anything from becoming precious. And further, it can be turned physical via the printer in short order.