A look at NanoHack 3d printable respirator mask

Disclaimer: I’m not a medical professional or a scientist or an engineer. I could be completely and totally wrong. And while we’re at it, this is true for nearly everyone you talk to. Follow my advice at your own risk. But these are extraordinary times so…

What is the NanoHack?

Simply put, the NanoHack is 3d printable personal respirator design. Its home is here: https://copper3d.com/hackthepandemic/

Does it work?

I sought to test it out. The day before I was made aware of this particular design, I had already been contemplating making a mask design myself. But I put that aside to evaluate the NanoHack.

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I had been using Unity 3D for many years. My own 3d software and apps were developed in Unity 3D. I had a substantial code-base of Unity 3D c# code built up.

But I threw it all away. UNREAL!

Or, rather, I moved to the Unreal Engine.

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The MR ROBOT VR movie that released at the start of season 2, to me is the first real strong serious attempt at a piece of VR filmmaking.  It wants to be taken seriously as top tier content.  It has a real shot at accomplishing its goals.  It’s a known property.  It’s MR ROBOT, which is considered to be excellent.  It’s the same great content and characters. Continue reading “VR Review: MR ROBOT”