EPI Book 1: it’s Complicated

FIE LLC is proud to announce the immediate available of EPI Book 1:  It’s Complicated.

The EPI books are a series of short illustrated novels, akin to a TV series or comic book. Each book moves the story along incrementally in a bite-sized manner. Each book contains illustrations of key moments from the story. The books are sold individually. They are meant to be short, cheap and fun. Like candy.

EPI Book 1 Cover

From the back cover:

Casey Umbra, Tim Lassar and May Lianda all live in orbit around the gas-giant planet, Epimetheus. They’re all connected through the Lassar family business. However, their personal relationships are intertwined with a possible oncoming war. Sufficed to say: It’s complicated.

The EPI series of serial illustrated novels is FIE LLC’s first major publication in the areas of entertainment and media.

EPI was written by L. Bartrich and illustrated by Bradley Friedman.  FIE LLC owns all the rights to the books and the characters.  L. Bartrich is under contract with FIE LLC.  Bradley Friedman is the founder of FIE LLC.