Mocap in Previs

This VFX World article on Motion Capture in previs features our work at PLF.  It also features a picture of me in a mocap suit with a sword.  Can’t beat that.

Alien vs Predator 2

PLF’s online breakdown of previs on AvP2 showcases our last minute previs effort and how it ended up on film.  Jonathan Roybal, Tanissa Potrovitza and myself put in some late nights late in the game to pull this off but its pretty clear from the breakdown that it was of significant use to the production, as it was pretty much shot as is.

Stay Alive

Linked is an older article from my early days at PLF regarding Stay Alive.  I got my own Q&A section.  As an added bonus, I was compared to Egon Spangler, a childhood hero and strong role model for Technical Directors everywhere.